The Nationwide Advantage

At Nationwide, we love the AV business. We love installing systems that help people do their jobs better. We love the “wow” of showing a customer their new systems for the first time. We love the challenge of keeping up with the rapid advances in AV technology and our customers’ ever-changing needs. We love the satisfaction of meeting tight deadlines, overcoming problems and keeping our promises. And we think you’ll love doing business with Nationwide. We’re passionate about AV.

We’re passionate about exceeding customer expectations. And we’re passionate about finding better ways to deliver quality systems more efficiently, more reliably and more affordably.

Practical Affordable Reliable AV

AV systems are no longer a luxury. The ability to meet and present ideas, conference in remote colleagues, and share your message with employees and customers is now mission critical. But, like most of our customers, you probably don’t have enough budget to go around.

Getting more for less is the Nationwide Advantage. We build AV systems to provide the functionality you need without the frills and costs you don’t. We design and install systems that last, so your budget can go further. We custom design for your facilities and applications but do so at off-the-shelf prices. Whether for presentation, digital signage, collaboration, wide-area communications or audio/video conferencing, Nationwide AV has a practical, affordable and reliable solution for you.

Independently Owned And Operated

Nationwide AV has been family-owned and operated since 1962. We’re big enough to have completed two of the largest healthcare AV systems in Ontario history at the same time, but small enough to hang a television in your meeting room tomorrow.

We’re flexible, agile and customer focused. We’re not the branch office of a hidebound multinational, so Nationwide can quickly adapt our processes, response times, equipment and contract terms to meet your needs. And because we’re not highly leveraged or owned by private equity investors, Nationwide’s margins can be reasonable, our prices affordable and our focus solely on ensuring you become a long-term client.

Agile, Flexible, Responsive

The best part of being a family-owned business is that we can adapt our business to you, the customer. We love new construction and large renovation projects, but we also provide simple and cost-effective upgrades. We love implementing high-end Crestron and Cisco projects, but we also offer reliable lower-cost alternatives. And we love design/build engagements that ensure your users are getting exactly the systems they need, but we’ve also established an unparalleled reputation in the construction industry for delivering AV systems designed and specified by others.