Nationwide has audiovisual solutions to make your Workplace safer and your employees feel more comfortable.

For retail, recreational and other public spaces, we have automated temperature-scan access controls and people-counting capacity monitors. We also offer cost-effective digital signage solutions to inform customers about your safety rules, where to queue, expected wait times, and which cashier is available next – all while promoting your products, services and special offers.

For large Workplaces we provide internal contact-tracing technology to quickly limit the impact of an infected employee. And a unique hot-desk assignment system that ensures adequate distancing while still giving employees their choice of seat and work group. Nationwide is also retrofitting meeting rooms with no-touch AV and conferencing control, as well as adapting existing AV functionality to the greater distances required for social distancing.

Safety is everyone’s business and in everyone’s best interests. Call Nationwide AV to learn more about ensuring your Workplace is both compliant and welcoming.