Audiovisual and conferencing systems support the meetings, presentations and training that are mission critical for most businesses and institutions.

Nationwide provides a comprehensive suite of maintenance and support services to ensure your AV equipment is always working properly and your system operating ‘as-designed’.

Critical AV maintenance includes regular firmware, software and security updates – necessary because of ongoing updates to the connected computers and application software used for conferencing, collaboration and presentations. Some elements, like videowalls and projectors, need periodic colour and picture recalibration. Others, like cables and connectors, simply wear out over time.

Nationwide AV’s service plans are fully customized to your systems, your budget and your policies. We offer SLA-driven maintenance and support programs, mission critical onsite support, extended warranty and training contracts as well as pre- or post-paid on-demand and ad hoc service calls. Let us know your preferences and we’ll build the right support model for your organization.