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Projecting on glass for Tangerine

‘Nationwide worked with Grassroots Advertising for Tangerine Bank located at Yonge and Shuter. The project was to design a display system that could use the two large 8×8 glass windows to project still and video images for the public passing Yonge and Shuter at pre-set timing.

The project was achieved using two, ceiling installed, high brightness laser projectors to display advertising video produced by others. The video is stored in flash card and installed in a media player. The media player is the source for the content, the projector is the display device, and the display surface is the 8×8 windows that is treated with a special film to convert a glass window to a display surface. The media player is programmed to play the content from an internal scheduled, so no human intervention is required to control the system.

Currently the client has programmed the content to display from 5.00pm to 6.00pm.