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Dynamic lighting show off the bioluminescence of jellyfish.

Illuminate Community Spaces with Nationwide AV Lighting Solutions

Not all of Nationwide AV’s projects are for offices and classrooms. We also offer specialty lighting services for exhibits, performance venues, and architectural enhancement.

The featured photos show our work at a popular Toronto attraction where we recently installed and programmed the first phase of a new facility-wide lighting control system. Once it’s fully implemented, the PC-based Vista by Chroma-Q software will be used to manage all the lighting for the 135,000 square-foot family attraction. The system will give operators automated time-of-day control of the brightness and colour palette of every exhibit and public area in the facility.

The Technology Upgrades

The system is remotely programmable and fully redundant to provide both flexibility and reliability. Employees can now wirelessly adjust or reprogram exhibits and public areas from anywhere in the facility. Operators are able to quickly customize lighting to suit the needs of special events and video production clients. 

Nationwide AV  is also replacing the venue’s 10-year-old luminaires with high-performance, energy-efficient, colour-changing LED solutions. Some of them, like the Martin Professional fixtures used to light the jellyfish in the accompanying photos, are linear. Others are zoomable wash fixtures. Because of their proximity to 1.5 million gallons of water, many are IP65-rated for water resistance. 

As each exhibit or area is re-fixtured, Nationwide AV integrates new Luminex DMX-over-Ethernet control nodes. This ensures smooth communication with the new Vista control software. Nationwide AV staff provides the initial programming for each exhibit, but the system and software are so user-friendly that facility operators can make changes at any time.

Lighting Installation Expertise

If your project could benefit from Nationwide AV’s specialty lighting design and programming expertise, you can reach us here. We have many years of experience in designing and installing exterior architectural enhancement lighting, stage and performance lighting for schools and theatres, and interior specialty lighting for retail, automotive, and hospitality applications.

And, of course, jellyfish. We’re very fond of jellyfish.