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Case Studies

Users can meet anywhere and collaborate with this mobile meeting room on a cart.

Mobile, Flexible Solution Supports Meeting Creativity

Client: Real Estate Developer & Management Group

Nationwide Audio Visual recently had the opportunity to create an interim mobile conferencing solution for a real estate firm that provides workspaces to a variety of tenants. Occupants include a bank with heightened security needs.  


Nationwide Audio Visual was hired to upgrade the technology in the client’s auditorium. That space had been used for a variety of meetings and events and would be temporarily unavailable. In the meantime, the client needed a mobile cart option with audiovisual technology that provided the same functionality as the auditorium.  

The client wanted to ensure the new solution would be easy to move. They were also concerned about security of the new wireless presentation technology due to the sensitive nature of tenant data. 


We designed a mobile meeting room on a cart. Users can meet anywhere, including offices and even the cafeteria. The solution features a BYOM (bring-your-own-meeting) wireless conferencing solution, meaning users simply connect their laptop and press a button to get started. 

Users don’t need several cables and aren’t tethered to a laptop to manage the meeting. Someone can act as presenter while controlling their laptop–and files like slide decks–from the cart’s screen. They can take a snapshot, annotate content, save the image to a USB, then go straight back to the meeting. 

Although the conferencing system was designed for smaller spaces, the client can use it effectively for larger groups. With the products we chose, we were able to easily address mobility and security concerns. Here’s an in-depth look at the products we chose to create a seamless mobile meeting solution:

The Technologies

Interactive Touch ScreenDisplay: ViewSonic ViewBoard

The 75” display is versatile and easy to use. ViewSonic also provides excellent support for their products. 

Wireless Conferencing Solution: Barco ClickShare CX-50

The ClickShare’s BYOM capabilities and in-depth security protocols made it perfect for mobility and meeting the client’s security needs. The conferencing solution allows easy annotation during hybrid meetings. 

Audio System: Nureva HDL200

The microphone and speaker bar system with built-in processing was the right fit because the mobile solution required virtual mic boundaries and clear audio that wouldn’t overwhelm surrounding spaces. The system covers a relatively large area and works well with the Barco ClickShare. 

Camera: Huddly IQ

The Huddly IQ with Genius Framing is compatible with the Nureva system. The mounting hardware made it easier to construct the turnkey cart solution. 

Video Conferencing Cart: Chief Large Fusion® Video Conferencing Cart

We chose a Chief cart with a height-adjustable shelf to store the pucks, touch pens, and remotes. The cart is balanced and easy to move around even with the mounted 75” display. 

To create an exceptional user experience, Nationwide Audio Visual resolved the barriers to seamless connectivity. For example, the Barco ClickShare CX-50 has only one HDMI out and one USB-C out for video. The ViewSonic display acts as a USB hub for peripherals, but the ClickShare uses the ViewSonic USB for touchback capabilities. If you access the display via the ClickShare, you lose camera function. To solve this, we combined the Huddly IQ and the Nureva in a USB hub which connected with the ClickShare’s USB-C input. Users can connect the puck and run a meeting from the ViewSonic as it takes over your laptop. This enables the full Barco BYOM experience. 

The Outcome

The client is pleased with the results. Tenants are able to collaborate more and easily hold impromptu meetings. Even after the auditorium upgrade, they can continue to use the mobile meeting room as a flexible solution. 

At Nationwide Audio Visual, we don’t create cookie cutter room solutions. We tailor our solutions to the client’s needs and design them so that they work flexibly for all users. In the case of this project, we wanted to give users the freedom to hold meetings in creative ways that couldn’t be done in a traditional conference room. Tenants can now have their meetings anywhere while accessing the latest technologies. 

Riaan van Rooyen, CTS, is the Nationwide Audio Visual Senior Account Manager who worked on this project. “I attended their town hall meetings. This allowed me to see how everybody interacts with the technology. When somebody comes up with a creative thought of how to change the way the meeting is run, how the technology picks up the people, then I can say firsthand, ‘I saw you doing that. I see what you mean.’” 

Implement Your Own Flexible Solutions

A qualified professional AV installer can build a custom solution that adapts to suit your users’ needs. At Nationwide Audio Visual, we test every system based on your requirements to ensure they work as intended, every time. 

If you have an audio or video challenge, we can help you solve it. Send us a message