4100-B Sladeview Crescent Units 1 & 2, Mississauga, ON L5L 5Z3

Case Studies

Apotex Pharmaceuticals

Nationwide Audio Visual was contacted on behalf of Apotex Pharmaceuticals to assess problems and provide consultancy regarding an existing system furnished by a 3rd party.

Nationwide Audio Visual truly believes we are the best in class for integration and love when we receive a chance to prove it!

After a thorough site visit, detailed discussions and needs analysis with the stakeholders; Nationwide Audio Visual proposed a solution to the troubles and was awarded the opportunity by this client.

The space, like so many nowadays, is multi-functional and must suit a number of needs.  The most paramount function of this room, is to facilitate quarterly meetings in which up to 500 seats are filled by staff to observe executive presentations on company business.  The problem… nothing was seen or heard!

Nationwide Audio Visual designers, engineers and sales team worked very hard to maximize the audio intelligibility and overhaul.

In the end, the space was completely inspected, having all unacceptable cabling and improper installation methods completely removed and redone, right!

New speaker technologies were precision placed within the room which was then professionally equalized and balanced to best suit the room acoustics and ambient noise levels by arguably the country’s best audio DSP programmer.

Demo units were furnished at zero charge to this client to “test drive” different microphone technologies available in the market.

A single large projection screen and four medium LCD’s were used to display presentation content which is viewable from any audience location.  As an added feature LCD’s were configured to display digital signage when not used for presentation.

A new control system and touch panel with custom software and graphics were created with the client in mind… easy to use, beautiful, and reliable.

Due to the public access to this space, additional security measures were taken to ensure the clients investment will be protected for the long term.

Project Completion was once again not only met, but exceeded!  What was to be a 2 week project, was completed in 6 days!