Roadie HD+35K 1080 HD 3DLP projector

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There’s only one DLP® projector with the brightest, highest-resolution HD image – the Christie®Roadie HD+35K. This projector has incomparable 2K resolution, brightness and performance.

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Producing 35,000 center lumens, the Christie Roadie HD+35K features an unique, flexible split-body design with switching lamp ballast. The design of the rear air exhaust hood allows you to stack up to two projectors for redundancy or additional brightness, and the motorized lens mount lets you focus and adjust lens position using a remote control. Built-in portrait capabilities1 give you the flexibility to design your displays in portrait orientation without additional equipment.

With its native 2048 x 1080 HD resolution and 10-bit image processing, images are simply stunning in their size, brilliance and quality. The user-replaceable lamps can be automatically aligned at the push of a button and user-friendly controls make the Christie HD+35K to maintain and service. With built-in body handles for handling and rigging or an optional stacking/rigging frame, this tough, manageable projector is built for true roadworthiness, – frequent transport, and quick set-up.

1Rigging frame (38-814007-XX) is required when using the Christie Roadie HD+35K in portrait orientation.


  • 3DLP® HD+ (2048 x 1080) delivering superior native HD+ image quality with excellent color rendition
  • 35,000 center lumens – highest lumens offered in a native HD product
  • 1600-2000:1 contrast ratio enabling highly enhanced image detail, with blacker blacks and whiter whites
  • New motorized lens mount enables users to adjust focus and lens position using a remote control.
  • Riggable and flyable for large venue events
  • User-replaceable lamps can be automatically aligned at the push of a button
  • Rear air exhaust hood for improved stack-ability
  • Stack, blend and color-match multiple projectors
  • Built-in portrait capabilities (rigging frame required)

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