Digital Content

We offer two primary options for digital content  creation.  Whether you are looking for a more simpole solution for internal-facing content or something more highly branded and custom (usually externally facing content), we’ve got you covered.

Our digital content is sold by the number of slides with two rounds of revisions.  Contact Us today for pricing and more information.


Option 1: Templated Solution:

Follows a set of templates which remain static, with content that changes. For example “featured employee” which uses a basic template, but changes the employee photo and text to suit your organization.  All we need are the words, any images and your logo and we’ll take care of the rest.

Perfect for internal, company facing content where you just need clean, easy to consume content.

Option 2: Custom Content

Just like it sounds, this is fully custom design work. We help determine what content you need, take your brand assets and create fully custom designed slides for your brand.

Perfect for customer-facing content where it needs to be highly branded.