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Panasonic is an electronics company that has been in the projector business for many years, offering top of the range products for business, educational and even home use. Their projectors range from short throw models-which provide a convenient and fast way to present, to large auditorium models that are ideal for conferences and educational uses such as lecture halls. No matter what their intended use, Panasonic projectors are easy to install, have an impressive maintenance-free life and are eco-friendly.

Just looking at the following benefits of the Panasonic projector will make you understand why it is one of the best we have around:

  • With Panasonic projectors, you no longer have to worry about climbing ladders for lamp replacement. The LED and Laser light source pair together with the reliable cooling system and dust resisting sealed optics to realize up to 20,000 hours of no maintenance time. This means that for educational use, no maintenance is required for up to ten years. For heavy application as can be found in museums, 20,000 hours is equivalent to five and a half years. Looking at it another way, if you have the projector on continuously, it can stay up to 2.3 years without requiring any maintenance.
  • In addition to the excellent TCO, the series delivers more value in terms of brightness. Because of the linear drop in brightness compared to the sudden drop in brightness of the lamps, at 10,000 hours you will still be at 10% of the original brightness. To attain such a duration, the projector maintains uniform colour balance by incorporation of a colour and brightness sensor.
  • In addition to this, the projector’s light source is driven by a 10X speed compared to the conventional projectors. This makes the rainbow effect or colour breaking extremely difficult to see.
  • Eco friendliness is another feature that end users will enjoy with this series. Average power consumption is around 250Watts. In ECO save mode, power consumption is cut back to almost 30%. Consequently, compared to an equivalent brightness conventional projector, you can save up to 26% in CO2 emissions.
  • In addition, the heat around the projector is very low – almost 20 degrees lower than conventional lamp-based projectors. This saves on air conditioning costs as well as a lower CO2 foot-print.
  • Quick on and off is yet another feature that was not possible with conventional lamp-based projectors. You can turn off and on only when necessary and the number of times that you turn the projector on and off doesn’t hurt the light source.
  • The projector also has portrait mode compatibility that increases the installation flexibility.

The fixed installation projectors from Panasonic come in various sizes and capability but the same high quality that the company has been known for. We look at two Panasonic fixed installation projectors- the PT-DX500U and the PT-FX400U and compare their features.

Panasonic PT-DX500U

Because the PT-DX500U is designed with for large rooms, it is no surprise that it comes with 4500 lumens of brightness which will serve well in training and workgroups where the participants will require light for note taking. The projector has a luminance sensor that is able to detect the ambient of the room and adjust its output quality accordingly.

The model also comes with wireless support which makes sense considering the fact that it is most likely to be installed high up in the ceiling of a large room. The direct off and on button also allows it to be controlled from the main power switch of the room as its power button may not be reachable.

While the projector is not classified as a medical equipment, it can show X-Ray images with razor-sharp clarity that is comparable to any X-ray display device in the market.

The most distinct feature of this projector model is the clear image output that is enhance by cutting edge technologies such as the 3D colour management system and dynamic sharpness control. Image quality is also enhance through the use of a detail clarity processor that enhances each part of the screen to give a natural, almost real high definition clarity.

Panasonic PT-FX400U

Just like the PT-FX500U model, the Panasonic PT-FX400U fixed installation projector has a high lumen rating of 4000 lumens which is ideal for large rooms and in conditions of bright lighting. This lumen rating always for enough light room without obscuring the image as well as offering enough flexibility to accommodate varying screen sizes.

Cleaning projectors can be difficult especially when they are installed high up in the ceiling but this is not a problem with the Panasonic PT-FX400U model. The dust resisting sealed optics as well as the ECO filter work together to give you a long maintenance-free service. This feature is also enhanced by the use of inorganic materials in the LCD panel which protects it from UV leakage that can literally “cook” the panels over time.

On the same issue of maintenance, the projector lamp and air filter replacement is a breeze as the design allows for quick replacement even by untrained personnel. This is an activity that you will not have to perform frequently though, because the lamp and air filter life has been significantly increased with the new model.

The projector is a significant investment that you will not want to fall into the wrong hands and this model comes with enhanced security features. A security anchor and control panel lock ensure that unauthorized access to the equipment is minimized. This is in addition to the secure password lock and text super-imposition features for added security of the device.

In brightly lit rooms, the colour perception may be impeded and here is where the Panasonic proprietary technology of Daylight View Premium comes in. The extremely sharp images produced by this feature ensure that your images are close to the real thing as possible irrespective of the lighting conditions in the room


We must say that these brands will not disappoint especially for business and educational users. Panasonic has really outdone themselves with their very wide range of fixed installation projectors as well other kinds of projectors and that is why they have maintained their leading market position for so long.

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