Nationwide Summer Update

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It’s been such a busy and rewarding summer here at Nationwide that we thought we would post just some of the exciting things we’ve been up to over here!

We Launched Our iQiosk Line

Our line of incredible digital display solutions was added to the website earlier this summer.  Since that time, they have been an incredibly popular section of the website.  Most importantly however, clients who see them are floored!  These really are beautiful devices and we suggest stopping by our showroom to check them out.

Featuring digital display solutions for multiple venues including:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Trade Shows
  • Digital Advertising
  • Education
  • Restaurants
  • and more.
See the iQiosk line here

We Worked on Some Amazing Projects

Our team has been busy, to say the least!  Here are just some of the many projects that kept the Nationwide team busy this summer:

  • Guelph University – McLaughlin Library Renewal (12 rooms)
  • City of Mississauga – Hershey Sportsplex
  • General Motors – New offices in Markham – 41 rooms (meeting rooms, team rooms, training rooms, studios and boardrooms and 1 Atrium)
  • Mount Sinai – Boardroom
  • Stantec – Boardrooms
  • UofT Mars CCRM Fit Out (17 rooms)
  • UofT 167 College Street – Meetings rooms (2) Multipurpose room (1)
  • UofT Cell & System Biology – Meeting room
  • UofT McLennan Physics Bldg – Various rooms – Labs (3), Meeting room (1) , Café (1)
  • UofT Mississauga Kaneff Bldg – Auditorium
  • UofT Mississauga Davis Bldg – 2 Classrooms
  • WD-40 – Conference room
  • BlueCat Networks (21 rooms) – Various – Boardroom, meeting rooms, huddle rooms
  • City of Brampton Williams Parkway Operarations Ctr. – 3 boardrooms, Muster room, Mulitpurpose room, Lunch room, general rooms

Featured: Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

MVH is Canada’s first SMART digital hospital and Nationwide is proud to be the partner bringing these amazing digital experiences to life.

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital is the first hospital to be built in the city of Vaughan and the first new hospital to be built in the York Region in the last 30 years with a total project value of over 1.5 Billion.

One of Mackenzie Health’s two-hospital sites, Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital will also be the first hospital in Canada to feature fully integrated “smart” technology systems and medical devices that can speak directly to one another to maximize information exchange. Through modern and proven best practices, the hospital will provide state-of-the-art healthcare and positive outcomes for patients and their families.

Nationwide is responsible for the following:

  • Design, shop drawing, configuration, staging, commissioning, placing, power/cooling/wiring etc requirements for the AV/Edge devices
  • Design, shop drawing, configuration and integration with other building systems, commissioning, placing, power/cooling/wiring etc requirements for the AV/Edge device back end systems

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