Houses of Worship

Designing an audio-visual system within a worship space or fellowship hall is very specific. There exists no single “boxed” solution that can work for all spaces in need of sound reinforcement and visual enhancement. Each place of worship is simply too unique in their acoustical properties, their worship practices, physical layout, and their congregation’s needs to approach every system design in the same way.

However, today’s multimedia technologies allow Houses of Worship to reach out to a greater number of individuals, as well as target audiences such as teens and young adults.

On special occasions when your main hall is full to capacity a projector in a smaller room combined with a discrete camera in the main hall can be used to create an overflow room.

You can draw on an impressive arsenal of tools offered by Nationwide AV, including large-screen displays, sound systems, videoconferencing systems, specialized presentation tools and environmental controls. These can assist with singing, illustrations, and main message points, as well as enhance the resident acoustical aspects of your worship house.

Understand Your Needs

We take the time to understand your specific congregation’s requirements and needs.

Our willingness to understand your needs produces a truly tailored solution that enhances each house of worship. For example, traditional worship services generally require sound reinforcement systems that concentrate on excellent speech intelligibility. However, those that prefer a more contemporary service would require a system that provides much higher sound pressure levels, as well as extended low and high frequencies. It may further require the inclusion of visual enhancements such as a video projector and special stage lighting, as well as a control system for ease of operation.

Along with their proven expertise, our engineers bring to the table an ability to listen and understand the needs of each individual congregation. Whether their needs and goals consist of enhancing an existing reinforcement system or designing and implementing a new one, our engineers can meet your goals with the best solution.