Nationwide is excited to be the official vendor of record for the Federal R.M.S.O, Ontario Provincial Shared Services and Regional Government standing offers.

Understanding the complexity of integrated technology is critical for achieving long-term value in today’s government facilities.  Federal, Provincial, and Municipal authorities require reliable, modern systems designed from a macro-engineering viewpoint.

parlimnethill2“Nationwide Audio Visual was paramount in developing and installing a complete boardroom environment, which included a high-tech wireless touch panel, video projector and a 50” plasma display screen. Their dedicated project manager tirelessly worked with our principal contractor, architect and interior designers in delivering the project on time and on budget.”

City of Toronto

Whether you are building a new judicial center, planning a new public facility, migrating network technology platforms, or prototyping a technology-rich installation, Nationwide AV can help you save time and lower the costs on your project.

Our multi-disciplined professional engineers and consultants are experts in understanding the requirements of different government bodies, while establishing realistic project budgets, and designing systems that deliver maximum value over their lifetimes.