Nationwide began its start in the education field 55 years ago by providing products to the various schools across Ontario..Now not only do we provide product, we offer a wide variety of turnkey solutions for entire schools, colleges and universities, from classrooms to auditoriums we can assist you from design to installation.

Whether you are providing distance learning and require video conferencing, interactive whiteboards for the classroom or a full audio system for a gymnasium, we can assist you.

We work together to help educators actually hit targets, improving the impact of education while paying close attention to the bottom line. 

What We Deliver

  • Improved communication among students, faculty & staff
  • Increased interaction through collaborative technologies
  • Expanded visual and auditory learning
  • Improved technology for special needs students
  • Greater reinforcement among various learning modalities through simulation experiences
  • Added options and flexibility for students with distance learning, allowing for potential expanded enrollment and greater impact for individual institutions
  • Higher student involvement through a more engaging approach
  • Improved familiarity and readiness to utilize and potentially develop new technologies in the future!

U of T Case Study

Click here to read about our work on the University of Toronto active learning classrooms.