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Draper Inc. has been producing high quality products since 1902 and its founder Luther O. Draper started with a humble window shade product for the first 60 years. As the firm grew and was passed down the generations, the company started to innovate with projection screens for the classroom. Now these projections screens, videos displays and presentation’s are the main steeple of Draper’s business.

As the company developed in the late 1980’s, they moved onto commercial and gymnasium equipment. The constant innovation and growth of the company as it was passed down to the Luther Drapers dependences have been the reason why this company has grown for the last 112 years. Draper manufactures to dealers across the world to over 100 countries’ and across the entire US.

Now Draper produces FlexShade and has become popular in all sorts of overseas establishments from gyms to corporate buildings, stadiums, schools and much more. Draper employs over 500 people and is constantly reimagining their products to provide the best value in projection, window shading and solar controls.

The Company

The Draper Company has turned from a humble window shades company into one of the most comprehensive and innovative companies for light projection and protection. The company believes in saving this planet and their green initiative and product line shows this clearly. Their window shades reflect light and heat to reduce the energy required to cool buildings and with their FlexShade technology these are adjustable throughout the day.

They focus on energy savings and providing high quality shading and projection products. Their combination of efficient window shading and energy conserving projectors make this company focused on reducing emissions. They are constantly improving their manufacturing process to become more efficient and waste less energy. Draper is defiantly looking out for the future, and they have Green certifications from GreenSpec, Daylighting Collaboartive, Texyloop and others.

Draper’s products now include energy saving projections screens, lifts and mounts and window shades with the FlexShade technology. They have solar control solutions that provide precise controls over the amount of daylight entering a building. Draper provides gym and athletic equipment, home theaters, video conferencing, custom backgrounds and easels.

Product Lines Diversity

Projection Screens

Draper has a wide range of projection screens and uses a tested quality control system. They are a certified solutions provider by InfoComm and they inspect each screen for quality before it gets to you. Draper offer electric screens, manual screens, rear screens and structures, portable screens and fixed screens.

Draper has many projection screens for any application. They do fixed screens, manual screens for any sizes, electric screens that deliver a high performance and quality and entire screen structures. Their portable screens can travel around with you and can be set up in a few minutes. They sit on the tabletop and fold away easily for travelling.

Drapers fixed screens can provide a home theater or cinema-like display wherever it’s permanently placed. The surface is flat and the materials are of the highest quality to always display a pixel perfect picture.

Lifts and Mounts

Draper innovates in all areas and their projection lifts and mounts are no different. They offer an extremely diverse portfolio of projector lifts including custom lifts, flatscreen lifts and hidden lifts. They focus on providing an discreet place for your projector so it’s not an eye sore in the middle of the room. They have conceal/reveal solutions that hide the projector away when it’s not being used and then pop it out whenever it’s needed.

Their TorkStar utility line set are designed for large venues which need motorized positioning for their projectors and screens. These high quality systems give you total control over the positioning of your projectors and screens.

Their flatscreen lifts allow you to hide away a full flatscreen TV’s and lift it out of it’s hiding place to provide a clean looking home cinema in any room. Drapers Video Projection lifts keeps the projector hidden while it’s not being used and they can be hidden in the ceiling, wall or desk or cabinet. They provide custom solutions so whatever your room size or situation, Draper will have something that fits.

Draper’s custom lifts and mounts allow you to conceal your televisions from the ceiling, or under the bed. They provide custom solutions so if you want TV’s to move around during a concert of you want something completely personal to your home, Drapers customer solutions will be able to design something to fit your needs.

Window Shades

Draper has been manufacturing window shades from the start. For 112 years they have offered the highest quality light shades. Now their FlexShade window shades can reflect light and heat from the sun and reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the building. Draper product use environmentally friendly materials and they are a member of the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) who promote environmentally friendly, healthy and profitable work and living environments.

The window shades offer solar control, which can lower the glare for workers while still allowing a view to the outside world. The FlexShade products are made for your personal requirements and the installation, mechanized parts and any details of the design and aesthetics are built to the customers’ personal requirements.

Draper offer more operating options than any other company, with motorized rollers, spring rollers, crank, and bead chain clutch among other options. The aim to is to give the client total control and as much control as they want or need.

They offer fire retardant translucent materials and opaque fabrics of the highest quality. They offer all colors and their woven mesh fabrics can protect your room from heat, harmful UV rays and glare, while keeping the view to the outside world. Their opaque fabrics eliminate all visible light, and combined with a LightBloc system and you will have a complete blackout.

Solar Control Solutions

Draper offer precision controls over the amount of daylight that you want entering your building. With their Solar Control Solutions you can save energy and create all sorts of unique designs for your rooms. The FlexShade systems have been producing shading solutions for over 110 years and they reduce energy consumption while offering the maximum comfort level for anyone inside or out.

You have total custom control over the daylight and heat gain. Draper also has a strong focus on green solutions, and their FlexShade is no different. With complete control over how much heat and light comes into the building, you can save on energy consumption by not using excessive air conditioning or lighting at unnecessary times.

The Omega Venetian blinds can be viewed through when the blinds are at a tilted position and provide control over the glare and heat that comes in. The blinds can be positioned inside the glass, outside the glass, and also between the glass. The system can be motorized or manual and there are models designed for harsher conditions if you need them.

They offer more advanced systems like the FlexLouver Rack Arm System, which can open and close to control solar energy, light and glare. These are perfect for when light control is crucial to the building like in museums or galleries. The system is personalized to suit any specific design or structural requirements.

The FlexShade Zip system has a unique zip edge that run on the inside of the shaded fabric and provides wind resistant and stable shading. The S_enn Shading System offers unique stainless steel shades which sit on the exterior of a building. The Daylight Shutter system is an exterior shutter system made from aluminum slats that roll down to block out the sun and provide privacy while still allowing air and light into the room depending on how much you need. Finally the FlexWave Light Shelf allows light to enter the room so you can use natural light and save on energy.

Other Services and Products

Draper produces all sorts of audio and visual products of the highest quality. They offer gym equipment, home theaters, video conferencing, custom backgrounds and easels. All their solutions are custom fitted to your personal design requirements and they have the highest quality AV products for over 100 years.

Draper provides home theaters to display a large entertainment center that is built into your walls. They can offer total cinema renovation with full surround sound, projection screens and flatscreen lifts that make your TV appear as if by magic from a hidden location.

Draper’s video conferencing solutions give you instant access to Internet held conferences and meetings. Video conferencing is becoming widely popular and Draper provides a top of the line video conferencing solution to give you an incredible experience.

Draper provides high quality lighting and shading for gyms, and all sorts of athletic equipment that is of the highest standard. Draper provides the highest quality custom solution for your athletic equipment and guarantee to exceed your expectations with their innovative, high quality solutions.

Draper also provides full color graphics for your custom backgrounds. They deliver fast and make it easy for you to setup, take down, and store for long term use and for portability.

The Draper Inc. Company is dedicated to constantly innovating their products and services. They have been growing and improving for over 100 years and they continue to provide a personalized, high quality solutions for their customers. Their wide range of products, and their focus on energy conservation make this a company that will continue to grow into the future.

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