CRESTON RL: Group Collaboration for Microsoft Lync

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Microsoft Lync is great for connecting individuals on the go as well as connecting offices or groups of people. The Crestron RL is a group collaboration system that works well with Microsoft Lync and extends the Lync experience to the boardroom. Just one touch and you instantly connect with colleagues and clients whether you are in the same room or not. Crestron RL brings Lync to the conference room so that you are near even when you are not together.

What is Crestron RL?

Crestron RL is a system that has been designed to enable communication between remote groups of people in order to share multi-media applications as well as collaborate on different projects. It uses the well-known and revered Crestron hardware and customizes it for use with Microsoft’s Lync software. This formidable combination results in a robust, highly functional group collaboration solution that is easily controlled from a simple screen interface.

Why Use Crestron RL?

The Crestron RL group collaboration system offers a number of advantages that combines the best of Crestron hardware and Microsoft’s trusted Lync software. The fact that many companies are already using Microsoft Lync for their project and this makes it easy for Crestron to leverage the powerful hardware to come up with the Crestron RL solution.

The main advantages of using the Crestron RL system over any other solutions that may be out there are:

Ease of Use

The Crestron RL uses state-of-the-art technology which it neatly tucks away in the background so that what you see on the surface is an extremely simple to use interface that is devoid of unnecessary complexity.  Starting a collaboration session is as simple as pressing a single button and you are good to go. Coordinating discussions by spatially dispersed grouped of individuals is made easy as the system gives one the ability to share their desktop content as well share ideas through an interactive whiteboard. All one has to do to add more users while a session is active is to just type in their user names and they are in.


The beauty of the Crestron RL solution is that it is scalable in that you can start off with a few features and add more capability as technology improves or as needs increase. This is made possible because the whole Crestron range of products are designed in such a way that they integrate with each other. For example users are able to control various aspects of a conference room such as lighting as well as have the ability to control multiple conference facilities within an enterprise using the Crestron Fusion solution.

Ease of Installation

  All the necessary components of the complete system can be easily purchased and installed without requiring lengthy training sessions. This is because the system comes as a complete package with the main equipment and other necessary accessories such as wall mountings and cables included in the purchase price. There are therefore no additional costs required for infrastructure such as gateways and no training is required.

Complete Solutions

Whatever the scale of your implementation, the Crestron RL has various options to fit with the required size. For small and medium sized conference rooms, Crestron offers the CCS-UC-100-1 KIT which comes with a standard 65’’ touch screen display. This kit is also ideal for executive offices and discussion rooms.  The CCS-UC-100-2 KIT is a dual display solution that is ideal for larger conference rooms and comes with two 65’’ touch screen displays as standard. Finally, there is the CCS-UC-100-0 KIT comes minus the touch-screen and allows for integration with third party devices adding even more flexibility to the system.

The main components that are included in the Crestron RL group collaboration solution are:

  • Screens that come with the system are 65’’ touchscreen displays offering high screen resolution of up to 1080p. One will be able to see conference participants be they within the facility or outside the facility and share their presentations, ideas as well as annotate PowerPoint presentations. As stated above, there is also a no screen package that allows one to use third party devices. You will need to check the compatibility of these devices with the Crestron system before purchasing them.
  • Wall Mountings come as standard with the Crestron RL system and are used to fix the screen in the most optimal viewing positions.
  • Table-top screen is a 10’’ device that one uses to easily moderate and control any collaboration session. All you need to do is press a single button and you will be able to see what is happening on both sides of the session. One can also control the environmental conditions of the conference facilities such as lighting and shades from the touch of a button on the device.
  • High definition collaboration codec seamlessly assists in the coordination of the collaboration system and is tacked away in behind the 65’’ display thus does not become an eye-sore in the room.
  • High definition camera and microphone come as one piece that is optimally mounted on the display to capture both video and sound during the collaboration sessions.
  • Sound bar is discretely mounted below the 65’’ touchscreen display to provide clear sound of the proceedings.
  • Cables and other accessories also come as standard with the Crestron RL system which makes it very easy to install. All that one needs to complete the installation is a network connection as well as a reliable power supply.

While the above components will be sufficient to complete you Crestron RL experience, there are also a few other extras that supplement the system and come as option. These include a mobile cart that can be used to move the system around the facility and a table microphone that is used for very large rooms that have poor sound capturing ability.

The Crestron RL system is therefore a must have group collaboration system that is ideal for both small and large enterprises. The system is backed by Crestron’s reputation of building robustly engineered products that have a guaranteed performance and durability.

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