Cisco Premier Partner

At Nationwide, we endeavor to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations. We have consistently strived to supply to our customers the highest quality products and services. It is with this in mind that we applied and were granted the Cisco Express Collaboration Specialization (ECS).

Being granted this certification is a big deal for us as it serves as an endorsement by one of our major partners. Out of a total of over 3000 Cisco Certified Partners in Canada, Nationwide is now among the exclusive club of 29 that are ECS Partners. This shows the immense esteem and with which we are held by our partners who we have consistently worked with to serve our customers better.

Getting Cisco certification is a rigorous process that involves training of various staff categories in fields as diverse as engineering, sales and customer management. This was necessary so as to get certified as a Premier partner.

With this certification from Cisco, Nationwide will be in a better position to respond to customer demands. Our engineers and sales personnel now have access to the full capabilities and resources of the Cisco brand.

The improved competencies of our staff after the training means they are able to give our customers the best service. This training is an on-going process and will be continuously updated whenever there is need and as new products are developed.

Other benefits that Nationwide will get from this certification include:

  • New product releases – we will have access to the latest technology from Cisco as it get released, which we can then pass on to our customers faster than before
  • Access to the cutting edge performance improvement tools that Cisco is well known for
  • Regular and updated training to our staff on the latest technology from Cisco will give us an edge in meeting our customers’ needs promptly
  • Reduced prices on Cisco products needed for our internal development such as training and human resource capacity improvement
  • Trade-in options when upgrading to the latest offerings from Cisco
  • We will become part of the Cisco Locator Partner network which means that customers from different regions will be better placed to find us depending on their needs

From our experience with Cisco, they have a very high rate of customer satisfaction and we expect this to be translated to better relationships with our own customers. With this certification, we expect to leverage the full power of the Cisco brand to deliver even better services to our customers.

Our customers can rest assured that we have the backing from a major partner with who we will work to ensure that they are served well. Our response times are only going to increase as we bench mark the best practices in the industry through increased capacity and competencies.

Nationwide believes that the Cisco Express Collaboration Specialization Certification is a natural progression in the right direction for our business. It is a clear manifestation that we aim at supplying only the best quality products and services to our partners.