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Christie Digital is renowned for providing practical digital display solutions and has a track record in innovation and customer service that spans almost eight decades. The strongly customer-oriented solutions of the company are backed by a comprehensive network of partners that are versed with the company’s products and corporate philosophy. The company has continued to receive recognition from important players in the audio-visual industry such as Hollywood as well positive recognition for its innovations from major customers such as government agencies across the globe.

Christie Digital provides a vast array of solutions ranging from corporate, entertainment and educational to design and architectural solutions. Each solution is customized to meet the whole gamut of customer needs in an efficient and elegantly simple manner.

Given the large number of audio-visual products in the market today, it takes a company with workable solutions and a distinct value-proposition to be able make a noticeable impact. Christie Digital solutions fit the bill due to the intuitively designed and manufactured products that have come to be recognized as the industry gold standard.

Christie Digital Products

The company has a wide spectrum of products which include solutions for cinemas, educational institutions, entertainment facilities and corporate collaboration needs. These products are as diverse as the individual customer needs but there are a few that stand out from the rest in the stable:

Christie Velvet LED Tiles

Ideal for corporate and institutional settings, the Velvet LED Tiles are easily customizable to fit any shape or size thereby creating an engaging multimedia experience. The whole set up is modular in nature which means that it can be easily configured depending on the required scale.  In addition to this scalability, the LED tiles are low-energy consumers, provide highly visible displays and have a long serviceable life-span. The high contrast ratio and low energy consumption make the tiles ideal for twenty four hour use without any notable decrease in performance or increase in costs. One other advantage of using the Christie Velvet LED tiles is their ability to operate in low temperatures which negates the need for any form of heating.

Christie GS Series Projectors

These are low energy consuming lamp-less projectors that have a long serviceable life. As the Christie GS range of projectors are lamp-less, there is no need for constant replacement which can be time-consuming especially in fixed installations. The laser phosphor technology used in the illumination of the GS Series projectors will provide lighting for over 20,000 hours of continuous use. In addition to this, the GS range produces no noise unlike other projectors which give out a continuous humming sound that can be distracting. This quality makes it ideal for environments that have a low tolerance for noise such as educational institutions, museums and conference rooms. The projectors are available in different resolutions which give optimal image quality and color.

Christie Vive Audio

This solution augments the high quality visual effects of the Christie display products with an equally high quality audio sound. The Christie Vive Audio products support all the major formats and are scalable depending on the room size or application they are been used for. It utilises the latest technology in amplification and driver control to give an experience that truly immersive and memorable.

The technology that Christie develops has won many awards including an Academy Award and many other industry awards. This shows that the company is a leader when it comes to innovation in the digital visual display industry. Among the notable technologies that the company has developed include the GS range of projectors, 4D color innovation, micro-led tiles and the Matrix simulation project. With twelve patents issued for its innovations and many more pending approval, Christie surely is a leader in its field.

To understand the scale of operation and level of trust its customers have placed on it, one needs to only look at the recent achievements of the company in the real world:

  • Moscow City Day celebrations saw a magnificent display of colour in a half-hour visual display that included converting the façade of Moscow State University into a giant screen made of LED tiles from Christie
  • London Stock Exchange installed Christie LED Tiles on its atrium to give it a new look after commissioning a Christie partner. The awe-inspiring display gives the stock exchange in London a spectacular appearance thanks to Christie MicroTiles.
  • NFTS Annual scholarships by Christie are award to the most promising students in the arts and include gifting of the winners with a Christie projector. This is different from the previous years when the prizes did not include projectors.

Christie Digital display have proven themselves over the years with their high quality products that provide dependable performance, durability and reliability. This reputation has been bolstered by the number of awards the company has won including Manufacturer of the Year and Employer of the Year (Canada, 2009).

The company has technical support offices in major countries of the world covering all continents as well as certified technical assistants. In addition to this, there are many authorized service centres in major capitals who will take care of any customer needs. All the products in the Christie range need technical expertise in order to address any issues that may arise and it is with this in mind that the company has trained hundreds of certified technical assistants.

All Christie partners undergo a vigorous training to ensure that they deliver the highest level of service to their customers. This training is held throughout the year in various locations in Europe and America and is structured in a modular manner to cover the whole product range.

To complete the entire customer service experience, the company offers warranties for all of its products which are executed by the various partners across the globe. That there are partners in over a dozen locations across the world ensures that the costs to the customer are minimized as well increasing of the turn-around time customer requests which is very important.

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