Shawn Quinlan


Shawn has been the  “conductor of the Nationwide orchestra” for 25 years, and is the first one to admit its all about the “team”….Most all our business is derived from referrals in the market place from previous “happy customers”. This speaks volumes as to why we are the best of the best in the business and are respected in the Industry by both our peers as well as our clientele. Our team truly cares about our customers.  We are constantly striving for excellence!

Christine Zelger

Vice President

Christine has been with Nationwide Audio Visual for 25 years.  Her team is responsible for the administration and accounts payable along with the day to day operations of Nationwide Audio Visual.


Vijay Doss

Senior Account Manager

With over 15 years experience in customer-facing account management roles, Vijay is excited to be a part of this extremely talented NationWide team.

Vijay is extremelely passionate about matching needs with solutions and, most importantly, helping clients get from gaps to results. It is those results that fuel his passion for this business. He enjoys meeting new people, networking within the industry and learning from the experiences of both his colleagues and clients.

Billis Robinson


Billis is our primary contact for financial matters and is responsible for generating internal financial reports, all bonding requirements and is the key contact for all credit matters at Nationwide Audio Visual. Billis has been with us for over 3 years.

Bryce Rol

Director, Integration & Project Management

Bryce’s’ team is responsible for the engineering, project management and system integration. His team works closely with our project co-ordination department in allocating our technical resources. His team is also responsible for assessing site requirements and involved in the design and execution of custom systems.

Rochelle Keil

Project Manager

Rochelle’s’ department works closely with Operations, her teams’ main focus is scheduling projects, technicians and coordination of all installation jobs. This department is the “quarterback” on our integration team and is the laison between clients and project managers. She has been part of Nationwides winning project team for 16 years.

Meena Hindocha

Purchasing Manager

Meena works closely with our manufacturers and dealers in purchasing  of all equipment required  for our integration projects. She is also highly experienced in dealing with clients as well to ensure product is received in a timely manner in order to complete each installation. Meena has been with Nationwide for 3 years.

Shafi Khan

Senior Systems Engineer

Shafi has over 25 years with Sony broadcasting globally before joining Nationwide Audio visual in 2005. Shafis’ team is responsible for system engineering, technical specs and designs of  all systems installed by Nationwide. He has designed well over 5,000 systems in both the broadcast and industrial fields.

Taha Alam

Project Engineer

Taha recently joined the Nationwide team to work in our design department, he performs site analysis based on current engineering AutoCad drawings. He also assists in the design and cost estimation of the equipment installation.  He also is responsible to supervise and co-ordinate installers and various trades on construction sites to ensure efficient accomplishment of the projects.

Suhaib Khan

CAD Manager & System Design Support

Suhaib’s team produces room layouts, signal flow schematic and support drawings in AutoCAD . His team is also responsible for preparing inventory lists for all AV design requirements.  Suhaib he is ClearOne certified as well as Crestron level 1 certified and has been a valued member of Nationwide Audio Visual for 2 years.

Greg Salisbury

Service Manager

Greg is responsible for all preventative and service maintenance. Greg’s experience is in the industrial, theatrical and broadcast industry. Greg specializes in smart integration, wireless technologies, sound reinforcement as well as Christie and Barco integration and servicing. He has received much recognition as a dedicated and knowledgeable individual and has been an integral part of nationwide for 18 years.

Bosco Vaz

Project Manager

Bosco specializes in large infrastructure Mass Notification systems from IED and as well has extensive experience in the audio visual system installation including Home Theatre.

Norm McLeod

Logistics Manager

Norm is the primary contact for logistics and inventory control. He also ensures all equipment has been received in good condition and allocated  to the specific projects currently in house. Norm has been keeping our warehouse organized for the past 15 years.